Friday, April 12, 2013

Trust Your Subconscious

When I first started my current WIP, there was one tiny plot point that kept popping up.  And although it didn't seem to go anywhere,  I kept it in the story.  And even though my critique partners kept saying, "I think you should change this," I kept it in the story.

In the back of my  mind, I knew I needed to connect that little plot point to something at the end of the story.  But I tried not to stress out about it.  I just let it lie in the back of my mind, fermenting.

And lo and behold, it finally became wine.

Last weekend, at a meeting with my critique partners, we were discussing the end of my story and in mid-sentence I realized exactly the purpose that little plot point had had all along.

Photo by Bill Kuykendall
So the lesson is, trust your subconscious.  There was a reason I put that tidbit in to begin with.  There was a reason I didn't cut it out even though more than a few people told me to.  I didn't know the reason, but I trusted that eventually it would reveal itself.

The writer's subconscious is like a leafy green forest with endless paths crisscrossing through the
brush.  It's hard to see the ground ahead.  Sometimes you have to just close your eyes and feel your way through.

And sometimes cutting out that little plot point is the best way to go.  But don't worry...your subconscious will tell you that, too.

Nicole Maggi writes YA - paranormal, historical, and beyond.  Her debut novel WINTER FALLS will be released in 2014 from Medallion Press.  She's represented by the fabulous Irene Goodman of The Irene Goodman Literary Agency, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, their daughter Emilia (after the Shakespeare character), and two cats Sawyer & Hurley (after the LOST characters - yeah, she's a geek).  Check out her website and follow her on Twitter!

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