Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Find A Mentor

With us today is Dean Dudley from GTCC in Greensboro, NC. Dean Dudley has been a male minority mentor for several years and has some great advice to offer if you are seeking a mentor.

Welcome Dean Dudley.

Have you ever wondered how and why some people are so successful? Have you ever needed someone to talk to about how to make the best career choices or educational plans? Have you wondered how it would be to do a certain job or follow a career path?

If you answered yes to all or even just one of the questions above you may be in need a mentor.

A mentor is a person who usually has more experience in a certain area and volunteers their time to offer advice and share information about how to pursue or excel in one's life or career. Finding a mentor can be done formally or informally. Asking a trusted academic adviser, local community professional or associate is a good place to start. Using organizations such as the YMCA, Big Brothers-Big Sisters or the Boys and Girls club is a more formal way of getting someone who is prescreened and interested in volunteering time.

My final tip on finding a mentor is to take your time and go with the flow and let the chemistry build naturally and do not expect to it to be a one-size-fit all situation. Remember, the mentor learns just as much from the protégé and the sharing of information is what helps the professional relationship grow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Twilight Phenom

What is it about this series that has raised it to the level of pop culture status?

Is it breaking with tradition and having 'vegetarian' vampires?

Or the deep and abiding love between a vampire who doesn't want to relegate the woman he cherishes to the status of 'monster' and the woman who is willing to give up her humanity to be with him always?

Or possibly the author's seemingly effortless ability to create a world that we tumble headfirst into before we even realize we're hooked?

Or maybe the eternal love triangle between a human, a vampire and a werewolf?

Whatever the reason, Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series is a phenom. We read and reread the books and are willing to stand in line for hours to see hunky Edward and Jacob. Showing, my age a bit here--I personally like Charlie.

So for all you Twilighters out there, lets test your BASIC knowledge.

Answer the following questions then see how many you get right.

1. If the vampires were giving out a Nobel Peace Prize who would most likely receive it?
a. Rose Cullen
b. Carlisle Cullen
c. Emmet Cullen

2. Does Bella move to:
a. Knives Washington
b. Forks Washington
c. Spoons Washington

3. Does Edward save Bella from:
a. Drowning
b. Being shot
c. Getting run over

4. Is Renee's husband Phil a:
a. Sports agent
b. Football coach
c. Minor league baseball player

5. Is Quill Antera a:
a. Werewolf
b. Vampire
c. Shape-shifting Panther

6.Is Charlie Swan, Bella's father, a:
a. Firefighter
b. Police Chief
c. Construction worker

7. Who is the mother figure for the Cullen vampire family:
a. Esme
b. Rosalie
c. Alice

8. Who is the villain vampire:
a. James the Tracker
b. Kate from the Denali Coven
c.Zafrina from the Amazonian Coven

9. Who is the leader of the La Push pack?
a. Embry Call
b. Paul
c. Sam Uley

10. Leah Clearwater is:
a. Bella's best friend
b. The only female werewolf of the Quileute tribe
c. A European nomad vampire


The Answers:

1.(b) Carlisle
2.(b) Forks
3.(c) Getting run over
4.(c) Minor league baseball player
5.(a) Werewolf
6.(b) Police Chief
7.(a) Esme
8.(a) James the Tracker
9.(c) Sam Uley
10.(b) The only female werewolf of the tribe

If you got all ten: You're an avid fan, have seen the movies and read the series more than once and this test was way too easy. Bring on the tough stuff.

If you missed one: We'll let you slide

If you missed two: Hmm, maybe you should reread the series

If you missed three or more: You're a Harry Potter fan and just took this test for grins and giggles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martin Luther King

In the turbulent times of the 60s, one man had a dream...

Martin Luther King was born January 15, 1929.
A clergyman and an activist, he led the 1955 Bus Boycott in Montgomery Alabama.
In 1963, he led the march on Washington and delivered his never to be forgotten, 'I Have a Dream' speech.
In 1964, he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
He worked to end poverty and opposed the Vietnam war.
Martin Luther King was assasinated in Memphis, Tennesse April 4, 1968. His legacy of unity lives on.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


With us today is multi-published Aussie romance writer Janet Davies a.k.a Amarinda Jones. Janet will be talking about the pros and cons of tattooing.
Next week....Sunday at the Movies

Tattoo you…

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Wondering if you should? Is it painful? How much does it cost? All really good questions.

Tattoos – they’re for life. Once ink is applied into your skin it’s there forever. Think before you ink. Tattoos may be seen as cool and lots of people have them but they’re not something you can get rid of without a lot of pain and expense. I have four tattoos. I love ‘em. I thought long and hard before I had them done. It’s not a decision to take lightly. You have to think where to put them, who will see them and will they interfere with your life or your job. And yes, it is your body and you can do what you like with it but spending time thinking now, prevents heartache later on.

So, determined to get a tattoo? You’ve thought long and hard about it about it? Next step is to find the right Tattooist. The best way is to check out websites. Talk to people who have tatts and check the internet for reviews on a Tattoo artist’s work. Go into a Tattoo parlor and talk to the artists. They should genuinely care about the work they do and their clients. Remember a cheap price for a tatt means a cheap looking tatt.

Needles. They have to be new every time. Not sure? Ask to see their needles and what safety precautions they use. A good artist will not hesitate to discuss health and safety with you. They will also provide you with after care instructions and will ask you to come back so they can check your tattoo.

Is there pain? It depends. Different people handle pain in different ways. To me it was like someone drawing on you with a ballpoint pen. It hurt a bit but not a lot. However, in saying that, I’ve seen grown men cry having a tatt. A good Tattoo artist will draw a couple of small needle lines, without ink, on your skin before he actually starts. This is to give you an idea of the pain. It’s a good time to decide whether to continue or not. After a tatt there is minimal bleeding and if you look after it as they advise, it will feel like gravel rash for a few days.

Tattoos are fantastic artwork. But stop and think before you ink.